Today I read..

Today I read,
A father rapes his own daughters.
Not one, but two.
He has a wife, who knew,
But brushed it off
Without reporting due,
Since no one would feed them
If she does.

I am so enraged.
Why? Why did you do it?
They’re your freaking flesh and blood?
Whatever is on your mind when you force them?
They trusted you.
You were their freaking father.
Why. Why.
You should’ve protect them, not harm them,
Ruined them and scarred them for life.

My heart pain and ache for them,
My eyes cried for them,
I cursed and raged for them,
For I know how much it hurts,
That when those that you trust,
Rip you off with their thrust,
And killed your soul with being unjust
I wished I can robbed him off
His most precious belongings,
The same way he did to them.

And the mother,
Oh mother, I wish I could say something about you,
But I just couldn’t.
I’m left bereft of words.

I wish I am able to hug the two,
Give them a word of solace,
And hope that the love they never had,
Will be replaced,
By a loving figure
Who knows the hell they’ve gone through,
And fix the broken you.

Be strong you two.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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