To You My Guardian Angel

You’re the first person who taught me what love is.
Also the first person who taught me what heartbroken was.
From the beginning till the end,
You taught me what it was, what it still is,
And what it could be.

In the past,
9 Aug was just a date to me,
It is you.
I could not remember the date without remembering you.
Yes, it is your birth day.
The day where my guardian angel was born.
The birth of someone I used to love, still is
And always will be.

You might not be the reason why I no longer felt the pain,
But it is you who went through it with me.
When I was down and scared,
You were there comforting.
Though at times you’re annoying,
Most of the times, you have never failed to make me laugh.
Just like a guardian angel,
You save me from my bitter self.

And for that thank you.
So much.
For merely existing.
For being you.
For standing beside me.
For all the late night calls.
For the encouraging text.
For a space in your heart too. (lol)

Here is to many more years with you, bruh!
Hoping you’ll grown to be wiser, healthier,
And blessed.
May all the good things in the world goes to you and,
Happy 24th Ijie!


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