to whom should i put the blame.

You never really keep me safe,

Is this how am i gonna survive?

You keep making me wondering where should i stand for you,

You wrap a ticking bomb around me instead of your arms,

And im still trying to survive,

You’re such a toxic and im blinded by your lies,

How long? Tell me how long should i holding on?

But wait, I guess I should’ve ask myself all that,

Im the one who allow you to feed me with all the damage,

Why would I do that to myself?

Let me show you who am i and what i deserve,

It’s now, you’ll never hear or see me again,

But why are you acting such way?

Should I blame you for all the wounds and scars in me?

If you were given another chance will you still do the same?

Will you still convince me that the future is ours?

And do you still believe that you were made for me?




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