to my sweet sweet honey

that was a stupid-immature relationship. but i still remember how hard and how painful the ending was. and unfortunately, the reason for my trust issue now. i hate that i still need to think twice everytime someone is approaching, just because im being shadowed by my past

honey, trust me. this is temporary. all i need is for you to be there, wait patiently while i fix this broken part of mine. im sorry that you need to wait but im doing this so you will know you are loved by me, a whole me, not the broken piece of me.

honey, i know and i believe that you could lend a hand in fixing this. but thats okay, dont waste your sweat fixing other’s damage. ill be back, with a whole piece of me, ready to love again.

honey, we are one now. dont be bothered by whats behind because i know youre beside me, a gift wrapped nicely from God for whats best for my future. 

  • qhissy, 1.39 am, January 3rd
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