to be honest

To be honest, i wanna make things work between us. I dont want to find anyone else, in a meantime or in the future, no. I dont want to start over, if we have problems, we’re going to fix it like we always do. Not because we’re – not so called new, but I believe there is something between us. As i have said before, you are all i need. You are all that i want. I’ve loved you ever since and I dont plan to stop. no. If you have doubted my love for you its not true, my love for you has always been there, and i’ve always missing you. Just looking at the sky, you were my whole damn sky. These past few weeks I admit I’ve been not totally fine, maybe because i miss you – a lot. You’re always on my mind – every morning, and every night. There isnt a second where I stop thinking about you. There isnt a minute you didnt cross my mind. You always did. I will always love you like no one else can do. You are my greatest love and I’m still learning to be a perfect one for you soon, real soon.
Every time we fight over unnecessary things, actually it hurts but if I think about it again, theres nothing to argue with. We are good, most of the time. But overthink kills. So i always remind myself that I want you, for the rest of my life, I want to spend my life with you during my happy days, rainy days or maybe storm. So my mind is like work for it. Even when i feel sick with you, I’m not gonna give up. So here i am, loving you always *aw*
To me, the real challenge starts when you are mine, not before. Theres lot of- i’ve been through without you knowing about that šŸ™‚ But if, IF we were not mean together, I dont blame you, I wont be mad, most definitely i will be sad ( but takdir boleh berubah dengan doa rite?) But i still want the best for you. I will always care for you and I will always wanna see you succeed and pass with flying colours.You deserve every bit of happiness there is. You dont deserve to be sad.

be beautiful - just the way you are :)
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