October 12, 2016.
The day that I thought would never came.
I saw you for the last time today.
You were smiling as always.
I smiled too, for you.
“See you on our convocation day”
The last words I spoke,
Not knowing when our paths crosses again.

December 16, 2016.
I should hug you harder when I had the chance.
Instead, I just side hugged you.
Thinking that warmth is enough to last till next year.

December 18, 2016.
You told me you’ve moved.
And I finally let myself cry.
Coming back to our place was heart wrenching,
Because I am trap in the memories of us.
Knowing that it will never happen again.
Now, it’s just a landfill of memories.

January 15, 2017.
I drove more than a thousand miles,
So that I could see you again.
This time, I hugged you long and tight.
But your warmth didn’t last.
Instead it felt cold and distant,
The warmth that I used to love,
Just wasn’t there anymore.

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