Thunder and lightning

As a kid I was always fascinated but frightened by thunder and lightning. As lightning came I would scream and hide under my blanket.My mother would always say it couldn’t hurt me, but I had learnt that a simple touch of lighting will force life itself out of your body.Oh but,then came the thunder with its grumbling roar like a beast awoke from its slumber. It left me in fear of the creature that created jolts of electricity with only a clap of it’s hands.

You came like lightning, you came like lightning, an ever-so-bright flash in the darkness. You pulled me in and with one touch you overwhelmed me with this feeling that was too foreign. You left like thunder, with a grumbling roar of a beast who was disturbed. You left me nothing but shattered pieces. I finally figured it out, the monster that I was so scared of as a child was actually you.

To a better world we shall go,to a golden land we shall not
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