thought at wee hours

you already fell asleep at this hour
but here i was, couldn’t catch a wink
my mind started to wonder about you
did you feel cold sleeping alone?
i wished i was there to keep you warm
were you in love with me?
i wished you were, so much

at this hour, i started to overthink
that you perhaps secretly seeing someone else
that maybe all of these were just your game
that by chance you did not love me at all but you just in love with your feelings
i was afraid all my thoughts were true
i was scared you would get back with your past lover
i was mad at myself
why was i thinking like that
i knew you did love me
but i couldn’t stop those thoughts from lingering my mind
those “what if”s kept crossing, trying to
convince me that you were
my heart hurt, my eyes started to brim with tears
i cried alone under my blanket
i went to sleep with headache and feeling numb all over my body
i didn’t want to lose you
you meant so much to me

me too I don't know
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