This too, shall pass

You have been through hell,
Walked on thorny roads,
Run on broken glasses,
Amongst liars, backstabbers and jerks.


You have shed bloody tears,
Been killed and stabbed,
Thousand of times,
Fell down and got back up again,
You have been lied,
Been taken for granted,
You have lost hope,
You have been buried many feet underground,
You have drowned in a sea of devastation,
You have sobbed an wailed,
Countless of times,
You have been in many phases of depression,
You used to be on the verge of madness,
You have been wanting to run away,
Telling yourself to not give up,
Been comforting yourself alone,
Been reminding yourself that,
“This too shall pass”

You have been standing and fighting alone,

You have seen hell, and will be seeing more hells.

Be strong! You got this.

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