It’s a lockdown. I’d like to think that it’s a Restricted Movement Order (just like what the new
government told me before it started), but as the days passed by, I’ve started to agree that I’m now
imprisoned by the comfort of my own home.

On day one, I see the sun at the balcony once or twice a day. I breathe the outside air, which isn’t
smelling fresh, but much needed.

On my working days, I stay on the bed with my laptop doing mundane tasks for eight hours. I take a
nap in the noon. My nap sometimes lasts more than an hour. I don’t sleep well at night because
surfing the internet is a more amazing hobby. I could be logged on and see the world without leaving
the house.

Dreams are my other escapism. And a more important one. I always dream of the outside and what I
could do there. I dream of being there with my loved ones. This is how I stay out of the house while
in deep sleep.

I could go sightseeing with my family. We could be going here and there, doing stuff we’ve never
done before. My mom rides on an airplane. My dad snaps photos for his Instagram account. My dad
doesn’t have an Instagram account.

I could be looking up to the limitless blue sky, observing the untamed nature. I could meet the
creatures that I have only seen on TV. I am at a centuries-old shop lot and I see a black-faced white
tiger walking towards me. There’s no such thing as black-faced white tigers.

I could be closer with the love of my life. We could be going on a date, spending precious time
together. I go grocery shopping with a guy that I’ve liked for years. He’s telling me that grown-up
women should never stayed up late. I like him but I’m not going to sleep early just to please him.
Isolation has made my dreams livelier, and I enjoy every moment. It’s frustrating that my dreams
never last and I have to wake up and face the boring reality.

I wish I could stay asleep… perhaps until the lockdown ends. Perhaps forever. I miss the outside
world, but I don’t want to leave my dreams.

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