This is for the daydreamers

have you ever day dream?
Like look outside of the car window and then see passing cars
imagining which one would be yours one fine day while acting out every single scene of how your adventures would be in that car? all in your head.
Have you ever just looked at a stranger in the train and day dreamed he would be your go to guy friend and your make believe convos about life and how both of you like each other but are too close to commit that way? again, in your head.
Do you imagine a life where you have a solid of two people with you who would always be by your side and are practically family that you guys even plan to live with each other?
Have you ever dreamed of being this really busy person who flies from coast to coast doing something you enjoy for a living and having money you lavishly give away to the needy?

Day dreaming is fun until you snap back to reality where none of it is true.
Where reality is bitter sweet and time is moving too slow to let all those things come true.
Day dreams hurt more than night dreams because you get to feel everything in your sleep but only get glimpses of an alternate reality at that one moment.
Day dreamers hurt more because they get woken up more than those who dream at night.

To those who day dream, instead of snapping back into a bitter reality every time we dream,
Why not we stop dreaming and just live?
That way we can never wake up.


At night I think, at day I dream. In between i live.

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