Your mornings begin with a smile nowadays. The first thing that you look for as soon as you popped your eyes opens from your slumber is the man beside you. He is the one that’s carrying the mantle of warming up the bed and your slim body the way you like it. You mumble something to him as you lay on your front, face facing each other while soft sound of giggles echoes in your room. Then, you lean in closer to him as your lips touch his for a brief moment, insinuating a passionate rousing scene.

Afterwards, he walks out to the kitchen in his birthday suit while you stay on the bed, staring deep on the ceiling. The smile on your face suddenly vanishes as if your thoughts ruin your initial happiness that you deserve. With the white duvet covering your naked body, you walk towards the bedroom window. Your clear hazel eyes gaze blindly towards the backyard and your golden blond hair falls gloriously on your shoulder. You might be thinking about me or what could have been if you still acknowledge me as yours. You are so beautiful. Nay, even beautiful is not enough to describe you. You are so ethereal-looking that people have troubles forgetting your face, your body and your elegance after they met you.

He later walks in bringing an omelet, a bowl of fruit yogurt and two cups of coffee on a tray with a wide grin on his face. You look at him with such an awe and adoration over the tray of breakfast laid down on the bed. Your face lights up every time he speaks and laughter comes out easily each time he tries to explain the joke that he heard from his colleague. This is something new because you’ve never been so expressive over anything. You’re an excellent guardian of your own heart that you made it hard for me to find the key and unlocked it.

After a year of solemn lonely days, you deserve to be this happy and content. But still, part of me is still hopeful that one day you give me the honour of holding that key of yours and stand guard protecting that flawless mortal heart. Now, for the sake of letting it heals fully from the broken promises and false reasons that we made to each other, you allow him to cradle you and pick up the shattered pieces of your heart so that when you’re ready to come back to me, you are fully and truly assembled.

The car engine roars and I put down the binocular on the passenger seat. I wipe the tears that streams down on my cheek and takes a deep long breath of air as I try to calm myself down from the same heartbreaking and sadness upon seeing you again with him. After one more look of you for the day, I drive home in utter peace and silence, knowing what’s waiting for me back home would be mess and chaos. As I enter my house, the smell of pancakes fills in my empty stomach and I quickly make my way to the kitchen to a sight of my two children quarreling over the brand new toys that I bought two days ago while my grinning wife is devotedly setting up the table for us.

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