things i wish you-

I want you to lean on me
I really do.
Even my shoulders are frail
Even my backs are gonna break
From the pain of these weights i carried and cared for
And can you hold my hand tighter?
So i won’t get carried away
By these harsh current of blinding emotions
That i guess makes me a lil bit crazy
And numb.
the bottled feelings and tears makes my chest feels a lil bit gassy
and uneasy
and painful
and hurtful
but i tell no one
not even you
cause you know i won’t dissapoint you
that’s the last thing i would do
you know that much,right?

I want you to trust me
No matter how long it takes
Will you?

I know it’s too tiring to wait
Of course
Cause i’m tired too:(
Aren’t i supposed to be looking pretty?
not pity and petty?
Well, i don’t know.
i really don’t.
i stay to fight for you,
not for me.

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