Things I ponder at night

There is this thing where people judge a person’s level of knowledge by a scroll.
Sometimes by their choice of words whether a person uses flawless language or a person talking without a hint of doubt.
Most people judge by clothing. Modest clothing is the ideal outfit for intellectuals. Whereas,those who do not have the right clothes, the proper attire are not smart.
A lot of people say that only the elderly are wise and have the right to speak up. To those who are young are labelled as inexperienced and have no right to disagree.
Several say only a few fields of studies learned are acknowledged as successful and brilliant. Those who learn other fields are not relevant to discuss important issues because they do not know.

There are no limits for you to learn anything.
Experiences are part of learning as well.
Don’t let people get to you.
Speak up if you need to.
Just learn, not pretend to learn.


At night I think, at day I dream. In between i live.

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