They said Best Lessons are Learned Through Pain.

When you’ve stayed in the hospital for a long time, you’d get to know just how many sick people are there in this world. In the end, people are all creatures who are sick in one way or another. Everyone lives while enduring it, so there’s no use in crying about it.

Scars are different from how they appear. It may look fine on the outside but it needs time to heal.

But, we can’t just give up…just because we’re afraid of something. If we can still hang in there, it means we haven’t reached our limit yet. If we believe it, we can do it. Because we believe that we can.

It’s true, people who went through the same struggle and pain knows each other the most. Being in pain and traumatized, it’s an unbearable feelings. There are no words can be used to describe it. (Trust me, I know this.)

While you’re still struggling, hearing “It’s ok. You’ll be ok. Everything is going to be ok soon.” Somehow, it’s soothing..
After all of the hard work, patience and endurance…having this, “good job, you’ve worked hard” is more than enough. Even when you’re still recuperating.

Sometimes it’s not about actions don’t matter,
But with the right time & precise words…
It’s not meaningless if it fits to be heard,
That’s soothing enough to have when you’re hurt.

Little things mean the most when it fits perfectly in that empty spots of our heart.

I love to read and write. It heals and keeps me sane. It's a therapy for my mind and air to my brain. :)
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18 thoughts on “They said Best Lessons are Learned Through Pain.

  1. I believe in three things being the best teacher: Love. Time. Mistakes.
    Because they all have one thing in common, pain. It hurts to fall for another. It hurts to wait. It hurts to do wrong onto you as well as others. But that’s just how we learn. Life’s funny like that.

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