There’s Something In The Wind

she sat on her bed,
staring out the windows of her room.
the wind was blowing hard that day
and the leaves were rustling wild.
she listened to the sound of the wind,
calling out to her, almost sounding like a ghost.
wailing for her to come close.

it felt as if she was pulled into her own headspace.
dark and clouded, hard to steer it clear.
and it was as if the wind was telling her,

“Come closer dear, have no fear”

she held out her hand to feel the breeze,
cold tears were streaming down her face.
the loneliness crept through her entire body,
sending shivers down her spine.
she felt a little lightweight, so helpless yet so divine.

her brain couldn’t comprehend anything,
her heart felt like it stopped beating,
her consciousness were nowhere near alive,
seemingly her feet brought her to the window pane.

she climbed it, heading towards the wind
and all she ever wanted so badly was to be set free.
everything else didn’t make sense.
everything else were just plain white noise again.

her eyes closed slowly, quiet sobs escaping her dry, chapped lips.
“I’m sorry,” her trembling voice barely audible, to no one in particular.
next thing she knew.

she was flying.

the wind graced her skin so delicately,
her body floating in thin air,
her vision went blurry and white,
it was breathtaking for a while…

a loud thud.

all she could feel were the hard concrete
and the wetness on the back of her body.
she let out a sharp breath and opened her eyes,
only for it to be closed again.

there it is again, the voice of the wind.

“Sleep well now, my child.
It’s time for you to rest.”

footnote: This was written back in November 17th, at 02:29AM. Posting it here now in
honour of Mental Health Awareness Month. This piece is not related to anyone dead
or alive. Do look out for your loved ones and check up on them.

Sometimes, even the happiest person alive has the saddest life story. Be kind, always.

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