The Worst Part Is

The worst part was not watching you walk away
you’ve left countless times
but you’d always come back
because no matter how fucked up it gets
we’re each other’s sickening obsession

The worst part wasn’t watching you with her
because you touched me in ways that you couldn’t touch her
and no matter how far we drifted
we’d always find our way back

The worst part wasn’t the distance
because I’m your sun and your moon and your stars
I’m your sky and your galaxy
I’m your whole world, just like you are mine

The worst part was when the magic ends
when kisses turned into habits
and touches were fueled by lust
when the sun was just the sun and the moon was just the moon

The worst part was when we both could’ve walked away but we stayed
when you could’ve chosen her because she is better
when I wrote about us and everything sounded bitter

The worst part was when we became the worst part of each other


not your miracle, just a girl
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