The Town with no Frowns

By: Qay
Gacy and Arnoud are two ruthless criminals. In the car they’re in now is two briefcases with a combined amount of six million dollars inside, two revolvers with missing bullets under their seats, a rusty machete Gacy packed “just in case”, and a full tank of gas. Behind them, two police motor vehicles in pursuant. This is as much excitement this awfully small state can ever dream of having. The chase is being filmed live on television and practically everyone is glued to the television screen. Oh happy day for newscasters.
Gacy: Come on Arnoud! Let me shoot them down!
Arnoud: No, we can make it. I didn’t install nitrous oxide in this god-forsaken four-wheeler just so you could shoot down more policemen! Didn’t you had enough at the bank?
Gacy: I had to shoot at the bank! He was calling for back-up!
Arnoud: Good point. Now hang on for dear life.
From a highway in the city, they ended up at a narrow stretch of road with the police reasonably far behind, but still visible. Arnoud, in a last bid for freedom, pressed the pedal to the floor. Engines roaring, sweat pouring, hearts missing beats, revolvers feeling the absence of rounds. The evening turned into night.
Now they’re in their comfort zone. As soon as they reached the countryside, they diverted off the paved road and in swift, crushed through rocks and went over mud. Sure, the police cars are fast on highways but they’re no match on undeveloped roads. They disappeared inside the forest. Even the news helicopters could not track them down as it was dark and Arnoud was quite familiar with the road.
Gacy: We’re rich! We’re rich! We’re rich and we’re free!
Arnoud: Shut up man! I’m trying to concent…
And crash goes the car. Little did they know that they were cruising on the rocky roads of a steep hill. Distracted as to where the brakes were, Arnoud accelerated downwards towards a dark and seemingly bottomless gorge. All they could do is hang on for dear life. None of anything else meant anything to them now. The money, the gun, even each other, all insignificant. Falling towards their deaths, they expect and hoped for nothing less.
Miraculously, both of them survived. Shockingly, they woke up on a comfortable bed, with small tubes connecting to their veins in their hands. They were greeted by an awkwardly wide and warm smile.
They woke up at the town with no frowns.
Townspeople 1: Hello, My name’s Annie.
Townspeople 2: My name’s Atta!
Townspeople 3: My name’s Colt… How are you folks?
Arnoud was looking for his gun, so did Gacy. Then they remembered it was still in the car. Arnoud started screaming in panic asking where his car is and Gacy fended off the townspeople. He tried to get off the bed but much to his despair, his right leg is broken. Arnoud only suffered minor scratches on his arms and thighs. He was astonished to find out that all his wounds are bandaged and medicated.
They asked if they wanted to run. Because if they did, they’ll make crutches for them. If they wanted to eat, they’ll make a feast. If they’re thirsty, there’s a fountain of sweet elixir just for them to drink. Even their car is repaired. When Atta handed them the car keys, it was beaming and they could see their own reflection on the car keys.
Atta: Here are your guns too. We polished them for you. Refilled the bullets and scrubbed the barrel. Would you like to try it?
Gacy didn’t know what think. Arnoud, on the other hand, grabbed both the guns from Atta’s hand and with an aggressive look in his face, pointed it everywhere.
Arnoud: Shut up and tell me, where’s the nearest exit out of this place?!
Atta: Oh, sir, here, take my compass. Follow west and you’ll be on your way back.
Arnoud: I don’t know how to read a freaking compass!
Atta: Oh, then here’s our map sir. We just drew the town’s outline. If you follow the road that says exit, you’ll be home in no time. Oh, and sir, if you plan to kill me, point the gun lower to the left.
Arnoud kept the gun but his eyes are still lingering around. It was as if nobody there except for both of them knew the meaning of the word fear. He took the little piece of map suspiciously and looked around. He now realise that he was at someone’s home. Though looks contemporary, he does not see any communications device. There’s no television, no radio, not computers, not even a mobile phone. Gacy took out his mobile phone and there was no signal.
Now they both begin to really panic. Where are they? Who are these weird people? They didn’t want to stay there longer. Arnoud makes a run for the car without Gacy. He pushed the buttons on the remote to unlock the car and he quickly rushed in and closed the door. Little did he noticed that Gacy was not far behind, carried hastily by five big men. They opened the back car door and gently put him down. Both of them were confused as to the condition of the car. It was filled with a pleasant, flowery fragrance, dust-free, and cushions are vacuumed but nothing was missing. Even the briefcases at the back were dusted and neatly placed on top of each other
Arnoud rubbed the side of his head. He didn’t know what to think. He was about to just start the car and run down everything but something inside him just stopped him. He heard the tapping on the car window, it was Colt. Colt is a big man, relatively dark skin and a semi bald head. He was wearing red plaid a button down shirt, black denims and a farmer’s hat.
Colt: Sir, we fixed your car. It took a lot of work but we managed to fix it. If you don’t mind, we changed your tyres too. The old ones we stored at the warehouse. Come back anytime to pick them up okay? Any time. Oh, and there’s food at the back in case you folks get hungry okay?
Arnoud: Okay I give up. What’s the deal here?
Colt: What do you mean?
Arnoud: That! You calling me sir and fixing my car, fixing us. How did you manage to do this overnight even?
Colt: Huh? Overnight? Sir, you’ve been out in a coma for about a year now. Would you like a calendar? I have plenty at the back.
Colt just smiled. Arnoud still thinks it’s a dream. Gacy was at the back, just enjoying the seats. Arnoud lets lose his gun and finally said thank you, but he didn’t need the calendar. He just started the car’s engine and revved the engine.
Colt smiled back and asked if there was anything he can do to make Arnoud more comfortable. Arnoud declined the offer and asked which road he should take. Colt pointed out a road leading to the most beautiful horizon he had ever seen and told Arnoud to just follow it and never look back.
Colt: It’s easier than reading a map or a compass.
Gacy went to the back to get some food. He found freshly baked cookies, fried chicken, chips, strawberry lemonade, basically all his favourite meals. He found next to it another basket of food, Arnoud’s favourite. Gacy ignored what most of us would think an odd situation; he was too hungry to do so.
The townspeople started to gather around them to bid them farewell. They were showered with gifts, even from the little ones. Young girls started to kiss them both on the cheeks, young men shook their hands enthusiastically; older men hugged them while their wives smiled from a visible distance.
Atta: We’re thankful that you people are kind enough to visit this little sleepy town of ours. Thank you.
Arnoud: What.. Is… All… This…
Atta: Sorry about the road here. If we knew you were going to leave today, we would’ve paved it for you.
Arnoud just plainly ran out of words to say. Looking like he was hypnotized, he started the car and just drove slowly away from the crowd. Some of the children followed behind them, tapping the back of the car and saying their goodbyes.
Then off they went to towards the horizon.
While shaking off all his mixed feelings that were ignited in him back at the village, he saw the sign ‘Exiting the town with no frowns’. Right before he drove out of the border, he threw away the guns and the briefcases into a river flowing gracefully next to them…
Gradually, the dusty and muddy road turned into more solid tracks for them to drive on. They will never forget the town with no frowns, even for that brief period conscious they were there. Soon, they saw more people on the road, some even heading towards the town with no frowns. Most of them looked like they were running away from something or just in distress. They didn’t say a word. Slowly, the radio finally picked some signals and their thoughts of the town with no frowns drowned in the background of loud heavy metal.
In a local police station, two police officers were talking while watching over a dozen screens and listening intensely to all the conversations that took place…
Officer 1: So, chief, shall we arrest them?
Officer 2: No, I think the experiment went exactly as planned. Let them be. They’re better citizens now.
Officer 2: Good thing we emptied the suitcases. Oh this is much cheaper than running a prison.
Officer 1: We’ll detonate the bomb under the car when it’s safe. This is too good to be true. Crime rates went down by 90% this method alone and the nation’s productivity just increased 460%. Happy day.
Officer 2: And at least they were showed mercy and compassion before their terrible, terrible deaths.
He spends waaaaaaaaay too much time on this, but he finds joy in nothing else. Go easy on him.
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8 thoughts on “The Town with no Frowns

  1. Wow. This is one of the best pieces I've seen. A alternative way to ending crime….

    Simply fascinating and intriguing. But, it does have it's dark side.

    Criminals dying as planned by a dark government experiment? That's stuck in my head when I read this.

    The feeling in this short are obviously felt. Overall, good job. 😀

  2. Wo! Great concept. I like the way it flows from tragic to happy to awkward to weird to just plain puzzling :S Thanks for the great read! But the arrangement could be better though, but still love the storytelling. Really dynamic tones.

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