The Thing I Told You About

“im tryna sleep. but something wont let me”

tht night was just same like every night i went thru. cricket sound, late night traffic, buzzing light, fighting cat .. it’s all like a lullaby for somebody to sleep. but not me.i got this sickness, insomnia. and it got worse.. everytime i tried to sleep, i’d dreamed abt something..something unhuman. not a spirit but, a ‘thing’. i was there, at the same place again. the place was gloomy, there was all tree around me, more like a blackforest in a movie tht i recently watched. i heard a crow, but i saw none. i cant say a word. even the word ‘help’.. the wolves started to howl…i saw a full moon hid between the leaves. the wind blew hard. i felt cold and lonely. i heard something ran towards me.. but, so unusual. it sounded like a person crawl real fast. when i turned back and it’s gone. there’s nothing behind me..only a music box. played by itself. and there’s a girl dancing in it…without head. when, i turned to front.. i was shocked by a hideous look of a thing. i cant scream. i ran fastly till i fell off a cliff, my heart beat fast, and…….im widely awake. on bed, in my room, same time, same traffic, same cricket sound, same fighting cat but, the ‘thing’ is now at the window. staring at me. while im here typing caption. and i donno wht else to do, to go to sleep and meet the same ‘thing’ or to stay awake and still seeing the same ‘thing’ .

*sound of the music box*

Kalau manusia macam syaitan. syaitan nak jadi apa?
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