the theory of us

he said we came from different planets
fixed on our orbits, never meant to collide
the scientists say even a mere graze of our hearts
would be a colossal damage to the universe
but in my mind was a love story 4.5 million years ago
when the early Earth met a planet called Theia
kissed, shared and exchanged their oxygens
elements mixed in their passionate explosion
and Theia disintegrated into dust
making the lives on Earth possible today


you are the Earth and I have died for the best of you
you are the Earth and my soul found home in you


i guess we really are different people
with different minds and different plans
what’s gonna happen to our future-
if we don’t see eye to eye?” he says
we planet!” i would reply
mischief gone unappreciated
he just returns with a long sigh
and i figured that maybe the moon is slowly moving
further and further away from the Earth
because after billions of years
she finally understood what it meant
to be in an unrequited love story.

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