The Same Sky

Every day we wake up
No matter what we do or where we are
We stare at the same sky
We’re reminded of why we’re still alive
And we’re reminded of how far we’ve come in life

Nobody said life was meant to be easy
But everything happens for a reason
Nothing lasts forever
Even the clouds don’t stay in the same place twice
And slowly fading
Either into another territory
Or they dissipate
And shower us with rain

Yet, the sky stays the same
And we stare at the same sky
Is our heart like the sky or like the clouds?

Or is the heart beyond the sky and clouds?

What I feel, at least
Is that the heart can be as vast as the sky, and only sometimes will the clouds be dark and gloomy

But it doesn’t always have to be dark and gloomy
Because there’s finally sunshine
And still, we stare at the same sky.

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