The Same Old Love Letter

For my beloved protagonist,

Three hundred and sixty-three, three hundred and sixty-four, three hundred and sixty-five… days.

Every day, God let me feel the pain of this regret. Every drop of this blood, He let me feel the taste of my own action. Every tick on that clock, He wouldn’t let me rest. Not even a second. Not even a blink of an eye, He would. I blamed myself for what I did to the very lovely, beautiful soul. I blamed myself for being so stupid, for closing my heart to this wonderful wonderful person. God knew what I did to this deary. Until now, I regret. I regret everything. I regret shutting the door. I regret building the wall. I regret everything. I know this is my punishment and I deserve to feel the pain on every beat of this heart. I know the only time I deserve to rest is when my heart is not beating anymore. I know, I deserve it. I’m deeply sorry.

I know it’s cliche, but if I could turn back time, if I could have my past three hundred and sixty-five days back, I would take you and I would keep you in my arms. I would take care and love you with all my heart. I would stay with you for the rest of my life and nothing could separate us unless death knocks at the doorstep. I would make you the happiest person on the entire universe, even the moon would be jealous of us and I wouldn’t care about others. I wouldn’t look at others and even the stars could feel lonely and I would fall in love with your everything. I wouldn’t make you feel insecure. Thing is baby, I would stay and I will never hurt you anymore, you’d feel like you’re the luckiest person who has ever lived. I love you and I will love you for many more springs.

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