the owner

Inside her ribcage city,
Lies an abandoned heart hotel,
Haunted with the memories,
Of a time it once knew well,
If you’re quiet and imagine,
You can hear the closing doors,
The forgotten conversations,
And the footsteps on the floors,
It was open many years ago,
Believing if she gave enough,
She’d eventually receive,
Each day she cleaned and cooked,
To ensure comfort to her guests,
But as people keep arriving,
It grew heavy in her chest,
Eventually to hear herself,
She almost had to shout,
Over the people who had once moved in,
And the never moved out,
Although they’d faded from her life,
Their memories roamed the halls,
For She was so afraid of heartbreak,
That She clung onto them all,
But hotels aren’t designated,
For everyone who comes,to stay,
And when you keep cramming people in,
Something’s going to give way,
And so the story goes,
Her heart hotel slowly closed down,
She learnt to let things go,
And moved in to a nicer town,
That she’s doing so much better,
And she owns a cottage now,
Where the ones she loves the dearest,
Are the only guests she will allow.

A cup of caffeine and overthinking is all I need.
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