the lost that you can’t replace

January 28 , 2016 .
everything was fine in the morning . shine bright seek through my window , mom nagging in the kitchen bla bla bla . but yeah , our family was not completed as my father was hospitalized and being in the icu for about 2 weeks long . after an operation I thought he was alright . ” dad , will be okay , trust me ” said along . *sigh* did you ever hear , man opposes god disposses ?
that evening , we get a call from my dad’s doctor that he said, he want to meet us ; all of my family . pernah tak tengok dalam drama/movie whatever it is , yg someone alive just because with the help of machine . if we cut the operational machine , the person will die . that is my father condition was . I was blank . I got nothing to feel . did dad gonna leave me ? he gonna die ? im such a idiot person , wondering what will happen next . all I do that time was staring at my dad like that was the last time I could see his face . perhaps not. I love him so much , and of course I miss everything about him . after maghrib prayer , along got a call from my fifth sister saying that dad’s heartbeat stoped suddenly . God , please make this just a nightmare for me , please im begging you . im still a teenager and how possible I can live without my one and only supporter in my life . how ? that day , I lost him . I lost my dad . I lost half of my soul . for you the one whose reading this , appreciate the one who loves you and you love before God take them from yr life . you cant expected when that will happen . it might be today , they still laughing with you but we not sure if they still can by tomorrow . for dad , your daughter here , having teribble life without you :’)

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