The Lonely Boy

Tim is a lonely boy who lives on a lonely planet.

The planet is deserted and far away from home; Earth. Tim ran away from home in hope for the adventure he dreamed of. Unfortunately, his cardboard rocket ship ran out of gas. Here he is. In a lonely planet. Trapped.

Tim wonders if his family is searching for him right now. Will he still be in their thoughts after disappearing for so long?

The planet has dry and scorched land. The bare ground has the colour of pale grey and the skies is in emerald green. He wondered why is the sky green?

Tim had built a shelter from the remainings of his crashed cardboard rocket ship. He had a bottle of cranberry juice, a picture of his family and a time machine. He wondered should he go back in time and warn his past self to fill more gas?

Tim compared his current physical form and the little himself in his family picture. He’s definitely taller now. His cheeks had sunked revaling his cheekbones. Oh, if his mother had seen him right now will she nag for him to take care of himself?

Tim asked himself. Does he regret running away? Of course not! He could be the only human that bears the witness of existence of the green sky.

Tim threw the time machine to the ground smashing it into tiny little pieces. Yes, he’s a lonely boy on a lonely planet and he’s okay with that.

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