The letter i would never sent.

How are you?
It’s been a month now. Almost.
I hope you are eating well, and not skipping meals like you always did.
I heard that you are doing good now. I’m so glad and happy for you, sincerely.
There are days when I miss you. Especially  when things get hard.
But I tell myself that you shouldn’t  be bothered about me.
I’m doing good. Half-good I must say.
Things are getting harder nowadays and without you by my side, it’s almost impossible to even wake up from my bed.
And of course, there are times when I regretted my decision to leave you but I must do what’s best for us, for me specifically.
I’m sorry for being selfish and left you all alone but I know you are better off without me.
You know, I’m your biggest fan and I’ve always love you.
From the moment you gave me your number asking me to text you the spot questions for exams, 3 years back;
I knew I’m going to fall hard this time. Haha.
And I did.
Anyway, take a good care of yourself. Dont fall sick and be safe.


Probably the most bitter person you would ever encounter.
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