The Last Goodbye


You left us that night.

Exactly at 1 am.

And I’ve arrived just where you were at 1.10 am.

Didn’t make it to your last moment.

Didn’t get to say my last goodbye.

Didn’t get to ask for forgiveness.


And Ive been carrying that heavy feeling since then.

All the fights and all the laugh,

Brought endless tears and chest pain.

I know ive been stubbornly thinking

That I’d never miss you when you gone,

Those thoughts hit me like a bullet,

Straight to my heart.

I miss you.

I miss now more than ever.


I wish I had call you often

I wish I come back sooner.

I wish I drove faster.

I wish I hug you more.

I wish I talk to you more.

I wish I listen to you more.


Time is all I need,

But that is the one thing you don’t have anymore.

And I miss you.

I really do.



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