the incident

you only like me when i am a good girl

you like me when i get good scores

you like me when my name is called out for arwards in school

you like me when my aunties and uncles says that im such a brilliant one

but you dont like me when im being difficult

you dont like me when im being too much

you dont like me when you cant understand me

and guess what

i dont like myself either in those times

those are my dark zone

i cant speak up my problem bcs thats not how we were raise in this household

we dont ever dicuss things in here

remember when you yell and hit me when i get bad score? as if my mistake was bringing a boy home

that, perhaps, might “shape” me,

or just instill some sort of fear in me

idk idc whichever works for you then

oh no how do i end this

i’ll just close this tab and re-open and write it again next time

my life and my username suck equally- thus the reason im here
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