The herbs.

Ahh man, this feel so good. Have you ever lie on your bed, the bed that you’ll sleep on everyday but this time it’s magically comfy. The weather is great with the shine from the sun. Wait, I guess that’s why people call it sunshine, because it’s the shine from the sun! Ah-ha new things I know today. I can’t remember the last time I was this comfortable. Well maybe I remember?

I remember those times I don’t have time to just lie and doing nothing because instead of wandering off, I’ll be texting with my girl! Ex-girl but whatever.

And I also remember that nights I spent on the mountain top. I always looking forward to the night I’ll be spending on mountain top eventho I just came back from a trip. Nature is the best, man. You’ll see those waterfalls, you’ll feel the cold breeze, you’ll drink the fresh water, you’ll love with the bond that connect everyone on that hiking trip. But now everyone’s busy, the last time I hike was last year. I miss that time, bro.

Or maybe those time I hang out with my family or buddies. I always love their present, seeing the soul you love in front of your eyes just doing nothing. My great buddies just a normal person. Nothing flashy in front of others but for me, they’re special. Maybe just because I know them since school but I always feel they’re special. I love them. But now they’re gone, flying to other state to work. We’re rarely see each other now.

Ah how pathetic I am, no love, no friends, family is far away and got no one in here. I don’t know why but I really hate my work lately. I feel like I’m dying in the 9 to 5 work and I shouldn’t be there. I should do the things that I love. Ahhhh I hate that job. I even hate my life, I just can’t feel joy now. Everything is dull and no life. I just don’t have any determination left to live.

I’m hungry tho….

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