The Girl that Played Your Heart

She’s good at every game ever,
and when it comes to your heart,
she is the best player,
her tricks and deceit are nothing but clever.

You fall for her smile,
it fills your heart with warmth and love,
but her intentions are bitter as bile,
leaving your cash from hundreds to none.

She’s a good player,
and a sore loser,
even when it’s her fault,
you still bow down to her.

She’s the player,
and you’re the game,
“You’ve gotta accept the way she is”
is the excuse you give when I bring up her name.

It’s fine however you want it,
they say bros over hoes,
but the hoe got you every bit,
it wont last forever, i’m sure of it.

To you, ms player,
don’t think you can win the game forever,
those tricks may seem clever,
but even the best suffer being a loser.

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