The Familiar Dreams

The feeling I have for you
Is the same as the feelings of visiting the same old dreams
Over and over again.
The dark and ghosted city.
Soulless with dry wind blowing,
Pulling off exactly like the zombiland.
The messiness.
The dryness.

There’s no sunlight even during the day.
Only coldness.
Penetrating the body,
Sharp like a knife,
Straight to the bones.

But there’s some calmness in the cold
For nothing feels like a familiar town
Somehow it feels like..home.
And yes, you were my home.
As dark, as cold and dull it may be,
You were my home once
And my heart, my soul, my entire being felt
The calmest when I am with you.

And I guess lil bird learn to leave its nest after learning the hardest lesson
The comfort home you’d once make,
Im leaving it as it is,
For I know a lovable shelter like you
Definitely able to contain an angel
as Loving and Bright as you do.


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