the end-

6 years.. I keep on waiting and waiting for you to come back. I waste all my 6 years just to waiting for you cause I believe that you and I are meant to be. I believe that you’re meant to be mine, and no matter how far we’re apart, we will always found our way back again. That’s what I used to believe all of this time… I do fall in love in that meantime, but believe me at the end of the day it still you, my heart, my soul, and everything inside me is still shouting for your name, they crave for your loves and attention.

I thought I will always be like this, I thought I will never get over you… I always thought that the reason why my love story did not work out all of this time is because I was only meant to be yours. I always thought it was only you … till I realized it today that no, you’re not the reasons behind everything… you are not. Life is indeed not a fairytale, and once two lovers broke up for a long time its fucking impossible for them to be together again. Its impossible for the broken parts get fixed again.. it just impossible. same goes to us, its impossible for us to get back again after being apart for years. and me waiting for you, is just the most stupid things ever.. me hoping for you to back into my arms is just the foolest things ever. it will never happen i know, not now, not forever.

And today, I’ve decided to let you go totally. This day after 6 years has passed, I’ve decided to let go all of this longing feelings for you totally. there’s no point of waiting for you, there’s no point of hoping that you’ll be back. You dont even know that im waiting for you, perhaps you dont even give a fuck cuz you’re dating someone else now..

To you who I’ve been waiting, im sorry for writting everything about you. Im sorry for telling all my friends about how great your love is. Im sorry for always hoping that you’ll come back to me when I’m the one who let you go. Im sorry for being such a mess, for being the most selfish ex ever… I will not hoping for us anymore, because i know some things are just not meant to be. I could waste all my years loving you over and over again, but if we’re not meant to be, then yes… we’ll never be together. thats just how life is, and maybe its time for me to start healing too. its time for me to stop holding onto you

Thankyou. for coming into my life, and makes me know what loving someone so hard means and what heartbreak means, you’re the best things ever happen in my life, DA

Life is hard but be thankful we still breathe
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