The Bridge

I roll my eyes at the metaphor you throw at me
probably wishing that it would translate well into my brain
“You’re a poet” you whispered in between breaths
tired from expressing yourself in ways only you know how
but I never liked metaphors

which is ironic because that is exactly what I will be doing now

A bridge: A device that connected two ends that may or may not be parallel, but without this particular construction, it would be impossible for these two other objects separated by space and distance to be connected.

I won’t talk about the beautiful, magnificent part of a bridge
or the fact that I am using the bridge as a metaphor for myself

I will talk about how a bridge crumbles, how it allowed the troll to make its way to the other side and kill everyone
how the bridge has waged wars
how the bridge had made it easier for the enemy to cross

How everything and everyone who has ever come across the bridge
will eventually find each other and they will speak of the bridge
“Oh, you’ve crossed the bridge too?”
“So have I!”
“Do you know this bridge?”
“Yes, I love this bridge.”
“Oh, I hate that bridge.”
“Can you no longer use that bridge? It’s sort of MY bridge, so…”

This is so stupid, as the metaphors get more and more technical
I feel like such an embarrassment to even try to explain it in metaphors

Quit being a bridge you bitch.

not your miracle, just a girl
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