The Beach And You

The sun set down,
Bringing all the lights out,
We were the witnesses
Of the beautiful disaster.
Then there we sat on the sand
In the dark and quietness
I see your face through the moonlight,
Put your arms around my shoulder.

The rain come pouring
Hitting both of us,
You build us a shelter,
Keep me dry and warm.

We had a small talk
Over the past and future,
I can see sunrise in your eyes,
I smiled and kissed your cheek.

You are the waves,
Always brings me back to the shore,
I would swam away with the fish,
Sinking in the deep ocean of you.

The beach held many memories,
But you’re there through it all,
You and the beach have a pieces of me,
The only place that I can call home,
The one that stayed,
The things that I love most.

Taken from my fourth collection of poems – Rose-Colored Boy

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