That’s just what distance do

When you have to be okay with missed calls and setting up a time just to say ‘how are you’
and hoping that the replies are short so you can go back to appointments and deadlines
and coffee with the lady boss who pushed you to come up with out of the box notion about a box

When you forgot how good your bodies felt next to each other but they lived in memories
of unread text messages and expired polaroid pictures
no longer having petty fights over conflicting ideas of egocentrism and philosophical views on existential reasoning
because phone calls were rehearsed and scripted
no more 4am talks and 2pm texts of the dude at the counter who had bleached white teeth and was smiling as if he was auditioning for a blockbuster movie

you thought we could’ve made it don’t you
you really thought it would last
I did too
but that’s just what distance do
they make you less you
to the person who loves you

– c.n

not your miracle, just a girl
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