That Day I Stepped On A Flower And Let It Live

You were a bud, a sickly one
I was the Winter that should have been your last
But however cold that I was
You melted all the white dust
They gathered all over your roots
Smothered you
All over your stalk
Smothered you
All over your leaves
Smothered me

I changed into Spring
And nurtured you, I did
Called on the bees
Swept away the aphids
Always found the Sun wherever he hid
All in vain, you were still sick

Then your neighbor got sick
And their neighbor got sick
And their neighbor got sick
A whole field, wilted to the ground
Fodder for the cows
Food for the worms
Dead to the Earth
Every single one of them but you

The sickly one
It took me a while to discover that you were really just poison
I kept you alive
I watched you thrive
I let you poison the field
I let you poison me

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