I am going to be very blunt that I am not your most discreet and shy person. Ever.
At regular times, I would be the one who shouts a lot in that room.
Not to mention, my laughter could crumble down a building. LORD.
So, when I suddenly pick up the trace of my feelings toward you, GOD, the ridiculous heat is creeping up to my cheek and I just can’t!
I became like kindergarten students with their first crush all over again LOL.
I notice that I would usually talk in a slower voice if you were around, and I try to add up some grace in my movements whenever I pass you (nothing’s change I’m clumsy af).
And seriously I need you to stop smiling for a bit or I will burn alive from my own embarrassment.
Sigh. Your smile would be the death of me.

EXTROVERT I have the sweetest smile LOL (the confidence is murderous!)
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