temporary madness

still water, going under

deep down it goes

nowhere, emptiness

i feel the void inside you

i see

nothing at all

yet, your chaos fills up the room

with your bleakness

and ever-changing energy

i want what you have

i want to feel nothing

i want to grab things and then let them be

because nothing means nothing

and something, it means it’s worth something

i hate counting and keeping tabs

i just want to do it or not do it

i just want to say “fuck it, i’m getting out of here”

i just want to

i just want to live the way you do

to feel disconnected from the rest of us

living on your high pedestal

here, have all the more that you don’t need

more money and power

you take them just because you can

so you take, and take until there’s nothing left of us

and i

i want to have that

to feel no remorse

to feel no empathy

to feel like i own it all

but sadly, i’m just a human

so human does live and then die

i will die but for what?


and then i might become something

more worthy than you could ever be.

most of the time i'm lost in words whether they are in books or music. i'm mentally wrecked. also a lowercase enthusiast.
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