Tell them

Tell them about my secrets
when you promised me to keep it well
and you know,
you broke my trust for you

Tell them about my problems,
When you promised me to not tell anyone,
and they started to judge me
without knowing the truth
and you know,
you broke my trust for you..again.

Tell them I was happy,
I was okay,
When you know I was just pretending,
When you know I was faking a smile,
and you know,
I broke down in tears.

Tell them that you’re not the one,
when you know that you’re lying,
when i know you’re denying the truth
when we both know what is right, what is wrong.
and you broke my heart into pieces.

Tell them you created the rumours,
when they didn’t care anymore
when you know its already late
when i know i feel empty,
i feel betrayed.

When I know I no longer need you,
and you know that you regret of everything.

in the other side, i feel hopeless.
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