tell me how?

Tell me.

How do I give up a guy,

Who’s kinder to me, than i am to myself?

He’s a dear friend,

but too bad he’s taken.

We rarely spoke to each other,

Barely even texted these days,

But when he did, (am not good at keeping in touch) 

He told me stuffs i should know,

any plans, the progress, and even the sad story and im glad to share mine.

He still told me the stuffs that keeping him alive,

that he’s passionate about,

and i think that’s sweet.

He rambled on how life fucked up at times,

and how sucks he was,

and i fell hard for how he didnt always play it cool,

just being human.


how he genuinely care for me.

When im sad – he heard me.

When i failed myself – his comforting words were there to pick me up.

When i accomplished things – he never failed to let me know that he’s always proud of me

He’s someone that make me wanna look at the brighter side of everything,

Even, when there’s none.

How much beautiful a person can be?

There’s no chance in us.


A guy can still be a good friend and stay faithful. (cause he wants to be keep) 

Hoping to meet someone like you soon,

And this time, i wanna make him mine,

So that i can stop writing loem poems about you.


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