Tell him I’m sorry

Tell him I’m sorry

I need you to tell him I’m sorry

Sorry for making him worry when I had a high fever and he immediately came knocking on my door with all the painkillers he could find

Sorry for asking him to hang out with me on the city’s rooftops as we watch the sun rise, bathing the skyline in an orange glow

Sorry for borrowing his jacket when the rainy season came because I couldn’t stop shivering unless I had his jacket tightly wrapped around me

Sorry for crying on his shoulder and letting him comfort me when my parents split up and my life fell apart

Sorry for falling into his arms so easily when I sunk deep into an ocean of depression

Sorry for letting him find me blacked out in my room, my arms bleeding from self-inflicted razor cuts

Sorry for depending on him a little too much

Sorry for laughing and brushing it off when people said he and I looked good together

Sorry for pushing him away when he told me he loved me

Sorry for thinking he deserves better but not being brave enough to tell that to his face because he could easily sway my wavering heart

Sorry for cutting him off and leaving him for months without a single reply

Sorry for unintentionally taking his heart and not returning it in one piece

I would tell him ‘I’m sorry’ myself, but I don’t see him around anymore. Wherever he is, I hope he’s ok and finds happiness in a kinder soul. If you ever meet him, don’t forget, tell him I’m sorry.

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