Tak nampak

“Tak nampak macam budak kl pun”
“Tak nampak macam orang baik pun”
“Tak nampak macam orang kaya pun”
“Tak nampak macam budak medic pun”

And the list goes on

Have you ever wondered, why do these statements exists? Or why do you say these as well? Who justifies the looks of being someone? They say what you wear shows what you are.

So, if you saw someone wearing a band shirt,ripped jeans and blue ombré hair walking down the street and someone told you that person is a doctor, would you say that’s not how a doctor should look?

Fashion and style let’s one express yourself. Yet, why must people wear according to their jobs, education, or even place of birth?

You wear what makes you comfortable in your own skin. Wear what makes you feel happy and confident. Your clothes reflect what choices you make in life. Whether you wear a plain shirt to meet a client, or a suit to go eat at the mamak stall.

No one has the right to judge by what you look like.

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