Fake love is love still.

“Why were you in love with me?” He wondered. His morning coffee sat quietly beside his toast, unstirred and unflavoured. “I honestly don’t know.” She replied. “I feel that, maybe ‘we’ could’ve worked out.” “But we both knew how it would end. We knew we weren’t made for it. Life is too easy for it […]

I Refuse!

Cold was the night, but that do not stop three men creeping around a house. Their target. Wearing similar attire, black shirt underneath black leather jacket, along with black jeans and boots and…. Of course, black shiny masks. These guys are planning to rob a house that seems deserted at three in the morning. Cold […]


I walked away as he chose that woman’s hand instead of mine. He made the choice by himself, nobody there forced him to choose her, but he did. He could choose me instead, he could hold me tight, he could hug me and never let me go but he did not do any of those; […]

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