How are you doing, Karen?

Wow, I thought that there would be lesser stupid people around since the pandemic happened. I was wrong! I was told that I am the white person of Malaysia. A privileged Malay Karen. If I were white I could get everything that I wanted. More money, fame, beauty, and other perks. I could have been […]

Good vibes only

Nowadays negativity is my kryptonite I leave when there are idiots I can’t spend a minute with bigots I become nauseous Temperature rises My back of the head hurts and I can barely lift my tiniest finger I am weak and I may end up dead in days Bad vibes is consuming my energy Being […]


it’s dark outside dark in this room but my brain never shuts down thinking about- the past things I should’ve done words I should’ve said ideas I should’ve thought mistakes that should’ve been undone the present life and struggle good deeds and inner demons my loved ones people who never deserved my attention the future […]

You Are the Ocean

What hue are you? As pure as white or as calm as blue?   How deep are you? Deep enough to dive in or- do you contain mystery?   Do you glow under the sun or do you lash out when thunders clap?   I know neither of how to swim nor how long will […]

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