Dear Z, This one is for you. Heal is what both of us strive to get right? Both of us were in that phase of broken hearted because the vibe around us had changed. It was hard for both us. Luckily, we both found each other and I get comfortable to be around you day […]


I was wrong to think, that we could be something. and I was wrong to hope, that we’re more than nothing. but I was a negativity to you, and you were more than a dream to me. nothing more than the colour blue, never as close as happiness should be. Pin 1

oh you

Oh you I fell in love with your smile Your eyes are smiling too Don’t you know that I love that kind of guy?   Oh you Your heart is too kind You have to stand up for yourself too Cause I won’t be here all day long   Oh you Your words are sometimes […]

Surat cinta: Satu

Ke hadapan rajahati saya, Saya menulis surat ini kerana nama awak masih segar dalam hati dan fikiran saya. Walaupun pertemuan kita ditakdirkan bukan untuk selamanya, tapi saya gembira. Senyuman awak sentiasa buat saya jatuh cinta lagi dan lagi. Awak ketawa tapi saya yang meloncat gembira. Awak sakit tapi saya yang derita. Awak hilang tapi saya […]

Love – Real Talk

Ever since little we’ve been bombarded about stories of Disney’s princess and the tale of Romeo and Juliet; Of how love is this great energy, force, or power that transcends all thing we can understand. Of how we should spend our lives searching for this gift we’ve born to find; Only to realise real world […]

Make Happiness

  I grew up surrounded by people who seem to think happiness had to be kept, stolen and hoarded like paper stars in jars and hearts inside of hearts Physical metaphors personified indignified of its fleeting existence Happiness was treated as such and it was a travesty In college those older than me had forgotten […]

Her skin, My universe

I am looking at your skin huh? I am looking at your skin Stop it >_< I am trying to figure out How in the world does it keep in a universe My universe Sometimes in the many laughs I hear cracks Small smiles as internally it is exploding Alive With music sometimes noise I […]

Call me by my name

I face bouts of depression like a too eager to love youngster too naive to even consider the tranparency that is a smile Running like a coal fed train on christmas oblivious to the length of the tracks it is following Naughty boys do not deserve presents creating moments out of passion instead of currency […]

Aur dan Tebing #2

Aur dan Tebing sibuk bertelingkah Aur pukulan nya deras, languid, bagaikan ombak but rained down blows like a female named hurricane. Tebing stood stolid. Unmoving unbent unrelenting. Aur may have the upperhand when it came to attacks but Tebing had learned the hard way, skin thick and head harder so, under pressure he shone and […]

Tokpuan; Bahasa Halus

Bahasa Halus Tokpuan . . . The malays find their culture within the folds of their verbal communion the turn in their phrase pushes the page forward it is a skill lost to many because we simply do not know bagaimana hendak bersuara antara satu sama lain Yang hendak mahu hidangan pesannya ke kiri Jika […]

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