Your mornings begin with a smile nowadays. The first thing that you look for as soon as you popped your eyes opens from your slumber is the man beside you. He is the one that’s carrying the mantle of warming up the bed and your slim body the way you like it. You mumble something […]


It was late into the afternoon. They were drenched in sweat. Their moans were muffled. They must be careful as the kid was downstairs and she could hear their noises. A few more thrusts, and they were done. Mona laid on the bed, catching her breath while letting the AC dry her sweat off. She […]

Dark Magic

* He drew a pentagram. ** There was too much noise. So many, so loud. There were sounds of glass breaking, of things thrown and yelling. So much yelling. He huddled in the corner of his room, the street lights his only guide as he sought solace in the pages of spells and rituals. He […]

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