How are you doing, Karen?

Wow, I thought that there would be lesser stupid people around since the pandemic happened. I was wrong! I was told that I am the white person of Malaysia. A privileged Malay Karen. If I were white I could get everything that I wanted. More money, fame, beauty, and other perks. I could have been […]

Good vibes only

Nowadays negativity is my kryptonite I leave when there are idiots I can’t spend a minute with bigots I become nauseous Temperature rises My back of the head hurts and I can barely lift my tiniest finger I am weak and I may end up dead in days Bad vibes is consuming my energy Being […]


it’s dark outside dark in this room but my brain never shuts down thinking about- the past things I should’ve done words I should’ve said ideas I should’ve thought mistakes that should’ve been undone the present life and struggle good deeds and inner demons my loved ones people who never deserved my attention the future […]

You Are the Ocean

What hue are you? As pure as white or as calm as blue?   How deep are you? Deep enough to dive in or- do you contain mystery?   Do you glow under the sun or do you lash out when thunders clap?   I know neither of how to swim nor how long will […]


Pocketful of lies, handful of deceit, Strained relationship and broken marriages, Family built, family torn, Others call it toxic, Some called it home. Pin 1

Fake love is love still.

“Why were you in love with me?” He wondered. His morning coffee sat quietly beside his toast, unstirred and unflavoured. “I honestly don’t know.” She replied. “I feel that, maybe ‘we’ could’ve worked out.” “But we both knew how it would end. We knew we weren’t made for it. Life is too easy for it […]

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