t o y

Her heart was broken in the morning.

She gasps for air.

Took a deep breath, and let it go.

She looks puzzled for a good minute

And realized she need to work.

She can’t afford to breakdown now.

Not in front of the office.

So she went in.

Fake a smile.

Walk to the office like she meant it,

And realized her torn heart pieces were falling along the road she walked.

It’s okay. You’ll be okay.

She gets on to work.

Went breakfast.

Talk like she meant it.

Laugh like she meant it.

And it all went well.

Comes lunch, she no longer has the energy.

Go ahead she says,

Imma take a nap.

She cries silently in her sleep,

And sleep away.

Lunch hour ended.

She continued the work,

Looking like a normal working adult,

Only she wasnt alive.

She’s empty.

Her heart half dead.

5.30 time to go.

She packs her stuff,

Laptop, handbag, car keys,

Bye, im going home first!

Start the car,

The smiling face gone,

Replaced with a heavy sad sigh.

She drove home.

Park the car,

Into the lift,

Open the door,

And put everything down.

Change her clothes,

And finally, finally gets to lay in bed.

5 seconds in bed and it begins,

All the tears she has held,

She let it go.

Cried, and cry again.

She wiped and wipes again her falling tears.

Hugging herself tight,

She wishes this will end soon.



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