Hey there  Temporary man.

You came just in time; not too early nor too late. Not too fancy with words, not to hard in gaining attention. As simple as it may sound, that is exactly how you slipped into my world. I’ll call you TM for now, short form for Temporary Man.

When you came in, I didn’t plan to make you stay and not that you want to. Day by day I wait to watch you leave. I’ll prepare the door for you, red carpet to make it more proper and I’ll usher you when the time comes.

Few weeks had passed, yet you still here.

You just like one novel character. One that I read and hold it close to my chest while my eyes shut. Because the scene in the novel is what I have been wanting for. No, you are not perfect, but you are what this girl secretly hoping to have. But I will still leave the door unlock – just in case.

Hey TM, if you think the way you concern for me will amuse me – then you’re wrong. If you think the jokes that you crack, the new things you introduce to me will fascinate me at best, then you are wrong. If you think the late-night text just to inform me, you’re done with your game will make me flutter, then you are wrong for the 3rd time. And forth, if you think the effortlessly proposal to be your girlfriend will make me daydreaming … I think this one you’ll hit the jackpot.

But I will still leave the door open.

Just in case you change your mind, just incase you all of the above is for the show, just in case you are here just to fill up your emptiness … I will still usher you out.

But for now, I am up for whatever journey you might bring me to.

Qui vivra verra – the future will tell.

I thought I vocalize my trouble but nobody were listen.
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