Surge of Anxiety

A few days ago there was this gig at a local cafe and it sounds fun so I thought I wanna go. But then as the days passed and the gig day was getting closer , I was getting more and more anxious. Mainly because I don’t know anybody there and I don’t have a friend that can go with me. And me being an introvert, I haven’t gone to a gig before so I was terrified.

Then the gig day came I was having second thoughts about going but finally I went about 30 minutes after the show started. Even when I arrived I was still having doubts about it in the car. Being there I felt exactly how I imagined it, nerve-wrecking. I didn’t even go inside the cafe, I was just standing behind a pillar and it still felt awkward. Not much later I was drenched in cold sweat and I couldn’t even enjoy the music. Not able to stand being that uncomfortable, I went back to my car and just sat in the car for the remainder of the show, finally able to relax with the music.

It’s hard being this socially inept. But I don’t know maybe you guys are having it worse. I don’t know where I’m going with this. Just try your best to better yourself, everyone has their weakness. And try to help each other in doing that.

P.S. – that gig was in Alor Setar at Habit Art Cafe. It was by killeur calculateur and pasca sini. Maybe one of you guys was there too.

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